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CEL Guild Firsts

CEL's Many Accomplishments

• First guild to own a piece of the Antarctic
• First guild to find a third use for the banana
• First guild to slay the blood thirsty aardvark
• First guild to create a Children Eaters League
• First guild with storage space for over 10k fur hats
• First guild to circle the globe in a hot air balloon in the shape of a Beaver
• First guild to observe that adults are kids... with higher levels
• First guild to recognize that flies mate on the ceiling
• First guild to find the answer to life, the universe and everything in an IHOP
• First guild to realize that digestion is easier while being logged into the game
• First guild to plan the assassination of Punxsutawney Phil (ebul long winter predicting groundhog).
• First guild to kill the analogy
• First to calculate the number of loads to fill NJ with dryer lint
• First guild to try for the poo monster while taking a shower
• First guild to suffer nervous breakdown harvesting while Lenny is on the prowl
• First guild to lock the dogs out and let the chipmunks in!
• First guild to have crabs... and proud of it
• [Inferno @ 6]: tbh, CEL owns KF
• First guild to be in-the-know about Rumspringa
• First guild to bully rabbits for their lunch money
• First guild to be Looney Toons and proud
• First guild to be observed not to suffer from insanity... but to enjoy every minute of it

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