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Command: #jc [x]
Description: Join channel [x]
Notes: Joining a channel also sets that channel as your active channel. All text sent to channel with "@[x]" will go to the active channel.
Limit of 3 channels can be joined at one time.
Example: How to join the newbie help channel: #jc 1

Command: #lc [x]
Description: Leaves Channel [x]
Example: How to leave the market channel: #lc 3

Command: @[text]
Description: Talk on active channel
Example: How to send a question to newbie help channel if that is your active channel: @How do I eat?

Command: @@[x] [text]
Description: Talk to specific channel
Example: How to send an Ad to the market channel no matter what your active channel is: @@3 Buying leather torso armor, PM me

Command: #ci
Description: Displays channel info
Notes: • All channels you have joined
• Number of players on each channel
• Your active channel

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