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Female Orc

Attack / Defense are not the only determinants for creature difficulty.  The formulas used are player discovered and though consistent are not proven.
Be advised that unknown attributes like physique and coordination also determine difficulty.  Some creatures with lower Atttack / Defense might be more difficult due to higher Physique / Coordination.

Female Orc
Health: 70
Attack: 50
Defense: 30
Agressive: Yes
Ignore Level: Defense: 51
Family: Orc
Mana: None
Magic Resistant: No
Glacmor Insides & Large MarketGlacmor Insides & Large Market
Southern Kilaran Carmien ManorSouthern Kilaran Carmien Manor
The Meep / Storages / etcThe Meep / Storages / etc
Valley of the Dwarves Gold Mine Level 2Valley of the Dwarves Gold Mine Level 2
Valley of the Dwarves Temple & InsidesValley of the Dwarves Temple & Insides
Can be summoned with:
3 Bones
2 Life Essence
3 Raw Meat
1 Steel Two Edged Sword
Qty Item
2 Bones
Posted drops are known guaranteed drops. All random drops are up to players to discover themselves.

Orc, Female Unarmed
Artwork by Roja and used with permission

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