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Leonard (alpha)

Attack / Defense are not the only determinants for creature difficulty.  The formulas used are player discovered and though consistent are not proven.
Be advised that unknown attributes like physique and coordination also determine difficulty.  Some creatures with lower Atttack / Defense might be more difficult due to higher Physique / Coordination.

Leonard (alpha)
Health: 110
Attack: 100
Defense: 50
Agressive: Yes
Ignore Level: Unknown
Family: None
Mana: None
Magic Resistant: No
Notes: Random solo invasion creature, traveling the Irilion maps at night
No known maps
Can be summoned with:
Qty Item
1 Leonard fur
Posted drops are known guaranteed drops. All random drops are up to players to discover themselves.
Detailed Notes:
Leonard looks like a regular leopard, with the name Leonard (alpha) appearing above his head. Appears on any Irilion map at random (shown here in North Redmoon).

He prefers darker areas and avoids well lit locations. He also shys away from large crowds and those who appear too strong or well equipped.

After killing a victim, Leonard will leave the map in approximately 1 minute. After being killed, he respawns approximately 5 minutes later (based on him killing someone 5 minutes after he was killed himself).

Leonard has an estimated Attack / Defense of 100 / 6 0 and a starting health of 110. His attributes change every time he is killed. But every time Leonard kills a player, he gains strength and health, making him more difficult the longer he stays alive.

0-30 Body Restoration potions
0-20 Greater healing Potion
0-30 Disengagement rings
Random gold coins (may pick up gold coins from victim's death bag)
Random drops, such as defense potions, potions of minor healing

Typical Leonard (alpha) death bag, plus or minus rings or potions depending on how many opponents he has fought:

[Primary source: Ryddler of RIVA ]

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