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Credits & Donations

A project like this requires the help of a host of people.
Too often they are not mentioned. But without them, it would never have happened. If you see them in game, don't be afraid to thank them.

Site Architecture / Technical
Bongo Dar_Elik Learner MilesP
Scafativ ville-v
Design / Layout
Apparition Leahatwood Phenic
Content / Quality Control
2coolfool Aduard Adya Aislinn
Alastria Algernon asgnny assasin1
Awevo Awn Barandur Bayo
BeaverHunter BleedingSoul Bleuren bob88
Booble Boognish Burn CelticLady
Chance Chironex Chrish16 Creedka
Cycloonx Deadhead DMan Dornad
Doxxie Duck2 Duduc94 Faiakki
FireEmblem8 Florian foncEmerlin FredPenner
Fyvle Galford Gizz GoodDay2Die
Grearien groomsh Guild MAD guinevereanne
Hex Holar jaclaw Jaha
Jaraxle Jezebelle JofuranShigokai joujour
Kahal KarenRei Katryel Katze_1
Kedan Khorros Kidberg Kinalor
Kitara Klabustel Kougria krlc
KyleOr LadyBea LadyWolf Lartherel
Leahatwood Learner LevinMage LightLan
lilcnoot Littlebig Loly Lord_Vermor
Lovag LuciferX Lyanna Macal
MagpieLee mammoth91 Manderijn Marwen
Masterreiki Maxine Mazzulatore MilesP
Minuet Moebird Molime Morcul
Mortsllehm Nathanstenzel Nerdz nook1e
Olivine Phenic PhilDaBurn Pillgrim
Puntif Raistlin Rajun Raz
Revenga RoG ronab Ryddler
sbarstow Scafativ scarface Semgilman
Shallara SheepShanks Sin SirDan
SirIronHeart Smurf Soad7777 Starkie
strontvlieg Suncie Tanyia Terena
Theryndan Thorgard Thyrbold Torg
trogov ttlanhil Ulrih Usl
Vanyel Van_Binsbergen Verdune Whitelightlord
Wiedzmin WildIce WiseDwarf Wloczykij
TAB Maps
Awn Bloodsucker Derin Egarra
Fred Penner Grearien Guild *R* Hadrion
Kinalor RoG Roja Vanyel
CEL Guildies
A special thanks to my Guild CEL (members of which I bolded above). Their help was immense in this project. And their ideas have pushed it further than I had orginally intended it.
Problems, Errors or Suggestions
If you see something that is wrong or have an idea that would be useful for other players in game, please email us.
While some have helped the site grow with technical help, graphical design and content, others have stepped forward to help with the financial costs.
Their support means that we can continue on a server that has the bandwidth that this site needs to stay alive and serve the community.
Altaria anonymous (7) Barandur benfish (4)
BooBoo2 boognish CanCowGirl Cricket
Galford Guild LAG Mordag Novi
Phenic (2) Poagrious RoG (2) Shea (3)
Sheesh Thorgard Tiphereth
This site will continue to remain free, but if anyone would like to contribute to it's maintainance, it would be highly appreciated.

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