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For a complete list of FAQs: Click Here
Contributors to this FAQ include: Raistlin

Question: What are Action Points?
Answer: Action Points are used to harvest Amber as of (2011-06-19) and making Experience Books as of (2011-07-08) with other uses planned for in future updates

Question: How do I get them?
Answer: Action Points will slowly generate as long as you have a positive food level

Question: How do I know how many I have?
Answer: Either click on the stats icon along the base bar of your game (looks like a bar chart) or Ctrl-A. They will be listed below your Ethereal Points

Question: How is the maximum number of Action Points calculated?
Answer: Action Points Max = 20 * Rationality. Example: Rationality of 10 would give you a max Action Points of 200.

Question: How many Action Points are required to make the Big Books of Experiences?
Answer: Crafting Book: 200 Action Points
Manufacturing Book: 250 Action Points
Tailoring Book: 450 Action Points
NOTE: Critical fail subtracts 60 Action Points

Question: How else can action points be used?
Answer: Harvesting Amber. Requires (30) Action Points to harvest a (1) Amber. Amber can be be used to make Treasure Finders or gain you entrance into Invances

Action Points also allows you to use Enhanced Medallions for additional benefits.

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