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Contributors to this FAQ include: Alberich, asgnny

Question: Define: Armor
Answer: Amount of regular (non-critical) damage absorbed
Note: Also decreases the damage dealt by collapsing cavern walls (random harvest event)

Question: Define: Defense
Answer: Increases your chance to dodge hits from your opponent

Question: Define: Magic Resistance
Answer: Reduces the effect of offensive spells or special weapon attacks from your opponent (example: Harm)
Decreases the chance of animals using special attacks (example: Bear's Mana Burn)
Decreases the chance of special weapons using special attacks (example: Jagged Saber of Cooling)
Note: works in conjunction with Magic Protection Spell

Question: Define: Cold Protection
Answer: Amount of Cold damage absorbed

Question: Define: Heat Protection
Answer: Amount of Heat damage absorbed

Question: Define: Magic Protection
Answer: Amount of Magic damage absorbed

Question: Define: Radiation Protection
Answer: Amount of Radiation damage absorbed
Note: Reduces effect of Solar Flares (random special day)
Note: Decreases damage from Radon Pouches (random harvest event)

Question: Define: Light Modifier
Answer: Determines visibility at night (how far away others can see you)

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