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Contributors to this FAQ include: Ghrae

Question: One of my items just broke what happened?
Answer: There are two main ways items can break
• You are harvesting with a tool like leather gloves or a pick axe. There is a random chance while harvesting that the tool needed can break. Only the harvesting tool, if any, can break while harvesting.
• You have been fighting. In your inventory window (click the BAG icon), there is a group of 8 boxes to the right. These 8 boxes are what you have on (clothes, armor, weapons, cloaks, medallions, etc). Any item worn can be broken during a fight
• No More Tears Cape does not break
• Special Day: Acid Rain Day (Each minute you spend outside when it rains, there is a chance for the items you WEAR to get damaged and disappear.)

Question: Is there any way to know when an item will break?
Answer: Items break randomly. There is no timer to know how close you are or how often an item has been used.
You can purchase a Criticals Indicator. This Indicator will allow you to see if you are at a higher or lower likelihood of breaking. Likelihood varies due to Astrology

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