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Category: Astrology
Question: What is Astrology?
Answer: The alignment of the planets in the Eternal Lands universe affects all players who have not taken the Skeptic Perk. Depending on your sign, your point in the cycle will vary. Some in-game days you will have a high chance of (for example) item breakage and some days the chance will be much lower.
• Note: The Skeptic Perk can not be removed at this time except by paying game developers real life money so make sure you truly want it before taking the perk

Category: Astrology
Question: What all does Astrology effect?
Answer: Attack Level, Defense Level, Accuracy, Item Degrading, Mix Failures, Harvest Events, Magic Level, Make Rare, To Damage and To Hit

Category: Astrology
Question: How do I know my astrological sign?
Answer: There is currently no way to determine this

Category: Astrology
Question: How do I know how my levels are affected right now?
Answer: • Indicators tell you how your levels are affected at the exact moment you use them. Each Indicator shows you 2 astrological effected stats. Useful given that it displays two stats, but you have no way of knowing if you are on the rise or on the fall.
• Predictors tell you how your levels are affected over the near future starting at the moment you use them. Useful so you can tell if you are on the rise or fall and can plan accordingly what to do with your avatar.

Category: Astrology
Question: How much does Astrology affect me?
Answer: Approximately +/- 5%. Thus at low levels, astrology has very little effect, but at higher levels it can be noticeable.

Category: Gods
Question: There are gods in Eternal Lands? What do they do?
Answer: The gods represent various skills in the game. By worshipping a god you seek better understanding of that skill and can be rewarded with additional experience.

Category: Gods
Question: Extra experience? Wow! Can I serve them all?
Answer: You can only serve up to three gods. And you cannot serve gods who are enemies of each other.

Category: Gods
Question: Where do I find out which gods are enemies of each other?
Answer: The in-game Encyclopedia (Ctrl-E) or http://www.el-cel.com/info/gods.php

Category: Gods
Question: How do I worship the gods?
Answer: You must find their temple and priest. They will give you quests. Each quest will improve your rank with the god and change your experience bonus.
Note: You start at a negative experience bonus so will actually earn less experience at the beginning

Category: Gods
Question: What?! Negative? How much??
Answer: You start at -8% and each quest you complete gives you 4% blessing (typically up to a +16 or +20% maximum)
Level -2 = -8%
Level -1 = -4%
Level 0 = 0%
Level 1 = 4%
Level 2 = 8%
Level 3 = 12%
Level 4 = 16%
Level 5 = 20%

Category: Gods
Question: What kind of quests do you have to do?
Answer: Mostly collecting items for the priests. Some items you have to bring to the temple with you, others you can leave in storage and just talk to the priest (he or she will remove it from your inventory themselves).
Most quests take time to collect all the necessary items, so donít expect to level to the top right away.

Category: Gods
Question: Do you get anything else from worshiping a god?
Answer: Yes. Most priests will offer a blessing once youíve completed some of the quests. The blessings give you a temporary increase to your levels in that skill. The blessing drops by 1 level per minute until you are back at your normal level. But this can be very useful when trying to make a high level or expensive item.
Other benefits may exist but would be unique to that god.

Category: Gods
Question: If I #reset, do I lose my levels with the gods?
Answer: No.

Category: Gods
Question: Still, I heard there is a "Godless Perk" that gives me 8 pick points and doesnít cost me anything. Isnít that better?
Answer: Each player must find the way that works best for them in Eternal Lands. For some, the Godless Perk is an easy way to get 8 pick points. But a 20% bonus in a difficult skill can be a huge help in leveling that skill
Note: When you take the Godless Perk, you will lose any levels you have with the gods.

Category: Mixing
Question: Is there any way to mix faster in the Manufacture window?
Answer: No. The speed to make items is set by the game server and can not be sped up or slowed down

Category: Mixing
Question: Do I have to click the mix button for each item I'm making?
Answer: There are two buttons in the Manufacture window.
• ">" - Assuming you have a positive food level, you will mix only one item, no matter how many sets of ingredients you have or your food level after mixing the item.
• ">>" - Assuming you have a positive food level, you will continue mixing that item until you run out of ingredients or your food level drops below 1, or if you fail at mixing an item or if you make a special item (e.g. modable weapon, enriched essence).

Category: Mixing
Question: I fail a lot while mixing. And I'm tired of losing ingredients. What level do I need to be so I don't fail anymore?
Answer: There is a chance of failing at every level. The chance lowers at every level you gain, but never goes away completely.
Some players believe that 20 levels over the recommended level results in a reasonably low chance of fails.
For expensive items, it is suggested that you consult your Astrology, take a blessing from the priest of that skill (if you are worshipping the God of that skill, otherwise use a Skill Potion) or use a Saving Stone.

Category: Mixing
Question: So I only need a positive food level for mixing items?
Answer: Not true. A positive food level is needed for several things:
• Researching books
• Healing your health or mana
• Redeeming new nexus that you receive from the Wraith
• Restoring the levels lost when under the influence of True Sight potions
• and of course, Mixing

Category: Schools
Question: What are schools?
Answer: Schools are places (often, but not always, large buildings) where you can gain more experience in some skills, at the cost of not receiving the items you mix.

Category: Schools
Question: How do I enroll in a school?
Answer: You don't have to enroll, to use a school simply go to the one you are interested in (alchemy, manufacturing, potioning, crafting) and mix items there.

Category: Schools
Question: How do schools work?
Answer: If you mix items while being in a school, you'll earn double exp per every successful mix, but no item at all; note that items with recommended level 0 don't give double exp.

Category: Schools
Question: Are there schools giving double exp for every skill?
Answer: No, the tradeoff for the double exp is that you don't get items produced, so only some of the schools (alchemy, manufacturing, potioning, crafting) give double exp.

Category: Schools
Question: What are Magic schools for?
Answer: Magic schools are places to explore and don't give you double magic exp; some of them though have areas where players can train pvp-magic (casting offensive spells on another player) without the area being PK; note that in such areas the Mana Drain spell won't give experience.

Category: Schools
Question: Are there Summoning schools?
Answer: No, but there are Summoning arenas: in these places summoning uses only half mana (the effect stacks with Conjurer cape/perk).

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