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For a complete list of FAQs: Click Here
Contributors to this FAQ include: Ghrae, Theryndan

Question: What is Astrology?
Answer: The alignment of the planets in the Eternal Lands universe affects all players who have not taken the Skeptic Perk. Depending on your sign, your point in the cycle will vary. Some in-game days you will have a high chance of (for example) item breakage and some days the chance will be much lower.
• Note: The Skeptic Perk can not be removed at this time except by paying game developers real life money so make sure you truly want it before taking the perk

Question: What all does Astrology effect?
Answer: Attack Level, Defense Level, Accuracy, Item Degrading, Mix Failures, Harvest Events, Magic Level, Make Rare, To Damage and To Hit

Question: How do I know my astrological sign?
Answer: There is currently no way to determine this

Question: How do I know how my levels are affected right now?
Answer: • Indicators tell you how your levels are affected at the exact moment you use them. Each Indicator shows you 2 astrological effected stats. Useful given that it displays two stats, but you have no way of knowing if you are on the rise or on the fall.
• Predictors tell you how your levels are affected over the near future starting at the moment you use them. Useful so you can tell if you are on the rise or fall and can plan accordingly what to do with your avatar.

Question: How much does Astrology affect me?
Answer: Approximately +/- 5%. Thus at low levels, astrology has very little effect, but at higher levels it can be noticeable.

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