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For a complete list of FAQs: Click Here
Contributors to this FAQ include: Ghrae

Question: Is there any way to mix faster in the Manufacture window?
Answer: No. The speed to make items is set by the game server and can not be sped up or slowed down

Question: Do I have to click the mix button for each item I'm making?
Answer: There are two buttons in the Manufacture window.
• ">" - Assuming you have a positive food level, you will mix only one item, no matter how many sets of ingredients you have or your food level after mixing the item.
• ">>" - Assuming you have a positive food level, you will continue mixing that item until you run out of ingredients or your food level drops below 1, or if you fail at mixing an item or if you make a special item (e.g. modable weapon, enriched essence).

Question: I fail a lot while mixing. And I'm tired of losing ingredients. What level do I need to be so I don't fail anymore?
Answer: There is a chance of failing at every level. The chance lowers at every level you gain, but never goes away completely.
Some players believe that 20 levels over the recommended level results in a reasonably low chance of fails.
For expensive items, it is suggested that you consult your Astrology, take a blessing from the priest of that skill (if you are worshipping the God of that skill, otherwise use a Skill Potion) or use a Saving Stone.

Question: So I only need a positive food level for mixing items?
Answer: Not true. A positive food level is needed for several things:
• Researching books
• Healing your health or mana
• Redeeming new nexus that you receive from the Wraith
• Restoring the levels lost when under the influence of True Sight potions
• and of course, Mixing

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