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Contributors to this FAQ include: Theryndan

Question: What are schools?
Answer: Schools are places (often, but not always, large buildings) where you can gain more experience in some skills, at the cost of not receiving the items you mix.

Question: How do I enroll in a school?
Answer: You don't have to enroll, to use a school simply go to the one you are interested in (alchemy, manufacturing, potioning, crafting) and mix items there.

Question: How do schools work?
Answer: If you mix items while being in a school, you'll earn double exp per every successful mix, but no item at all; note that items with recommended level 0 don't give double exp.

Question: Are there schools giving double exp for every skill?
Answer: No, the tradeoff for the double exp is that you don't get items produced, so only some of the schools (alchemy, manufacturing, potioning, crafting) give double exp.

Question: What are Magic schools for?
Answer: Magic schools are places to explore and don't give you double magic exp; some of them though have areas where players can train pvp-magic (casting offensive spells on another player) without the area being PK; note that in such areas the Mana Drain spell won't give experience.

Question: Are there Summoning schools?
Answer: No, but there are Summoning arenas: in these places summoning uses only half mana (the effect stacks with Conjurer cape/perk).

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