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Speed Hax

For a complete list of FAQs: Click Here
Contributors to this FAQ include: Choris, Cyprom, Entropy, Nerdz

Question: Can we run?
Answer: Yes, by drinking a Potion of Speed Hax. The potion allows you to run at twice normal walking speed.

Question: How long does the potion last?
Answer: Forever, unless your food level drops below -29. And running does use up your food level quickly

Question: What happens when your food drops below -29?
Answer: You will stop for about 1 second, then you will revert back to walking

Question: What if I'm not moving? What if I'm just sitting?
Answer: Then you use food at your regular speed

Question: Can I mix? And harvest?
Answer: Yes. Though you will burn food appropriate to what you are mixing or harvesting

Question: What if I die?
Answer: You still keep the 2x speed. Just be careful that when you die you don't drop your food in the deathbag.

Question: Is there an icon in the HUD or other symbol to know that you are in running mode?
Answer: No

Question: What if I log out?
Answer: You will still be in running mode when you log back in

Question: What if I'm wearing armor? Or carrying a lot of stuff?
Answer: Armor and large loads do not affect your speed - you will continue to run at twice normal speed

Question: Can you shape shift into a mule so that you have a running mule?
Answer: No

Question: Does the Power Saving perk or cloak help?
Answer: Power Saving only saves the food points you'd normally loose per minute. It does not affect the food used by running.
It is useful when you are AFK to prevent your food level from going negative.

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