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Ring of Damage

Description: If used in combat, it inflicts 20 damage on your opponent, regrdless of defense.
Class: Magic
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes
Skill Nexus Type Qty
Crafting Artificial 3
Crafting Magic 3

To make:
Level: 26 Skill: Crafting
Quantity Ingredient
8Fire Essence
4Polished Ruby
1Silver Ring
1 Ring of Damage made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Jewlery Technology
Crystal Processing
Crystal Technology
Crystal embedding
Ruby Processing
Ruby embedding
Book of Metallurgy
Book of Metal Molding
Book of Gold Molding
Generic Rings Building
Silver Rings Building
Ring of Damage Building

Used to make:
Skill Quantity Item
Crafting 10 Ring of Power

Needed as a tool for:
Not used as a tool for anything.

This item can NOT be harvested.
Tools required to harvest:
No tools needed to harvest.

Spells that require this ingredient:
No spells use this item as an ingredient.
Creatures that are summoned with this ingredient:
Not an ingredient used in summoning.

Places to sell this item:
Sold to other players only.

Places to buy this item:
Bought from other players only.

Creatures known to drop this item:
Male Ogre (0 - 20)
Small Gargoyle (0 - 10)
Troll (0 - 20)

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