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Potion of Alchemy

Description: Increase the alchemy skilly by 5
Class: Potion
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes
Skill Nexus Type Qty
Potion Vegetal 5

To make:
Level: 50 Skill: Potion
Quantity Ingredient
1Empty Vial
3Feran Horn
Mortar & Pestle
1 Potion of Alchemy made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Potion of Alchemy Construction

Used to make:
Not used to make anything.

Needed as a tool for:
Not used as a tool for anything.

This item can NOT be harvested.
Tools required to harvest:
No tools needed to harvest.

Spells that require this ingredient:
No spells use this item as an ingredient.
Creatures that are summoned with this ingredient:
Not an ingredient used in summoning.

Places to sell this item:
Price NPC Shop Type Location
100 gold Closca Vial Seller Melinis (Melinis City)

Places to buy this item:
Price NPC Shop Type Location
202 gold Closca Vial Seller Melinis (Melinis City)

Creatures known to drop this item:
No creatures known to drop this item.

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