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Game Seridia Maps

Use of the following maps is at your OWN risk.
Any and all problems that result are NOT to be taken to the Eternal Lands staff.
Any such attempt at reporting problems based on the use of the maps listed below, causing Eternal Lands staff to waste their time, will be ignored and could result in suspension of game play.

Seridia Sectional Map Isla Prima White Stone Desert Pines Ruins of Tirnym Valley of the Dwarves Portland Morcraven Marsh Naralik Grubani Penninsula Tarsengaard Nordcarn Southern Kilaran Kilaran Field Tahraji Desert

Map #   Main Map   Sub Map
  C1 Portals Room  

  C2 Docks - Seridia  

3   Desert Pines   Coal Cave
Crystal Caverns

9   Grubani Penninsula   Insides

1   Isla Prima   Insides

14   Kilaran Field  

7   Morcraven Marsh   Caves

8   Naralik   Catacombs

12   Nordcarn   North Cave
South Cave

6   Portland   Caves

4   Ruins of Tirnym   Past

13   Southern Kilaran   Carmien Manor

15   Tahraji Desert   Dragon Cave

11   Tarsengaard   Insides & Gargoyle Cave
Mage School
Orvimon's Crypts

  The Meep / Storages / etc  

  Underworld C1  

5   Valley of the Dwarves   Gold Mine
Temple & Insides

2   White Stone   Arena
Diamond Cave
Vermor Castle

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