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White Stone Vermor Castle

White Stone Vermor Castle Surface Map
Vermor Castle
Vermor Castle
Non-PK Map Attack Status Unknown
Rostogols Work: Yes Item drop on death: Yes
Storage: No Temperature:
Downloadable TAB maps*:
Author Name Type of Map File Size Date Added
Blank Blank 768 KB 2006-11-12
Bloodsucker Standard 257 KB 2007-12-08
Bloodsucker Hi-Res 1 MB 2009-01-05
Olivine Hi-Res (preview) 3 MB 2013-06-16
Known parent map:
White Stone
Known sub map:
No known sub-maps
Known NPCs on map:
Chrysos - Guardian
Lord Vermor - Heir to Vermor throne
Fyre - Priest
Basileus - Warrior
Known Creatures on map:
Male Ogre
Medium Gargoyle
Small Gargoyle
Tall Gargoyle

*These maps are used by permission from the authors noted above. If you see them in game, please give them your thanks!!

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