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There are 6 types of character Nexus in game: Animal, Artificial, Human, Inorganic, Magic and Vegetal.
Click on the types above to see what items require that nexus

The animal nexus is used in summoning. The higher the nexus, the better animals you can summon.
The artificial nexus is used in manufacturing. You can't make high level items without a big artificial nexus.
The human nexus limits what kind of equipment (armor, weapons, etc.) you can wear. Higher nexus, better equipment.
The inorganic (or mineral) nexus is used primarily for harvesting and some alchemy purposes.
The magic nexus is used for some items ehchanting/embedding
The vegetal nexus is used in potions. The higher, the better.

Below is the list of creatures & items that require the Inorganic nexus.

  Item / Creature Qty Skill
Blue Quartz 1 Harvest
Quartz 1 Harvest
Rose Quartz 1 Harvest
Gypsum 2 Harvest
Honey Comb 2 Harvest
Iron Ore 2 Harvest
Silver Ore 2 Harvest
Gold Ore 3 Harvest
Diamond 4 Harvest
Emerald 4 Harvest
Ruby 4 Harvest
Sapphire 4 Harvest
Turqoise 4 Harvest
Titanium Ore 5 Harvest
amber 6 Harvest
Cinnabar 6 Harvest
Copper Ore 6 Harvest
Dung 6 Harvest
Dvarium Ore 6 Harvest
Hydrogenium Ore 6 Harvest
Seridium Ore 6 Harvest
Tin Ore 6 Harvest
Wolframite 6 Harvest
Yew 6 Harvest

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