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Race: Draegoni
Sex: Male
Job: Tavern
Land Map: Glacmor
Locale: City of Dra Se'lac
Structure: Dara's Tavern & Grocery Store
Coords: (360,76)
Item Sell to Price Buy From Price
Ale N/A 2 Gold Coins
Bread N/A 1 Gold Coins
Brown Rabbit Fur 1 Gold Coins N/A
Cooked Meat N/A 5 Gold Coins
Fruits 1 Gold Coins 6 Gold Coins
Mead N/A 2 Gold Coins
Raw Meat 1 Gold Coins N/A
Vegetables 0 Gold Coins 5 Gold Coins
Wine N/A 2 Gold Coins

Artwork by Roja and used with permission

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