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Race: Human
Sex: Male
Job: Blacksmith
Land Map: Idaloran
Structure: Idaloran Blacksmith and School
Coords: (446,371)
Item Sell to Price Buy From Price
Steel Cuisses 21,000 Gold Coins 42,000 Gold Coins
Steel Greave 21,000 Gold Coins 42,000 Gold Coins
Steel Plate Mail 45,000 Gold Coins 90,000 Gold Coins
Titanium Cuisses 35,000 Gold Coins 70,000 Gold Coins
Titanium Greave 26,000 Gold Coins 52,000 Gold Coins
Titanium Helm 16,000 Gold Coins 32,000 Gold Coins
Titanium Plate Mail 60,000 120,000 Gold Coins
Titanium Shield 19,000 Gold Coins 38,000 Gold Coins

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