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Masterul Manole

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Job: Fund raiser for GAIWS Project
Land Map: White Stone
Locale: Lakeside Village
Coords: (690,142)

   Global Advanced Invasion Warning System. It is a system designed to prevent unnecessary lost of life, by providing an advanced warning before monster invasions happen. It consists of a network of orbital probes, each scanning the planet for unusual energy spikes. That usually happens when a portal between worlds is being opened. Such a portal, is, usually, a sign. of trouble.
   The technical details are too complicated for me to understand. In fact, very few people can understand them, let alone build such a system. Fortunately, there are a few very smart gnomes which have both the knowledge and the desire to build and maintain it. But they still need resources for that, which is where their job ends and where mine, and yours begins.
   The system needs a lot of resources to get it started. Then when it is done, it will still require a lot of maintenance, but not as much as the initial cost.
   To build GAIWS - Gold resources needed: 8,000,000 (donateable in 5k, 10k, 20k or 50k increments)
   To build GAIWS - Sulfur resources needed: 1,000,000 (donateable in 500, 1k, 5k increments)
   To build GAIWS - Hydrogenium Bar resources needed: 500 (donateable in 5, 10 or 20 increments)
   Note: To be recognized for your donation with an Eternal Lands global message broadcast, you have to donate a minimum of 20k gc, 5k sulfur, or 5 hydro bars.
   To maintain GAIWS - Total of 200,000 gold coins is necessary for a month in order for
the system to be fully functional (donateable in 1k, 5k, 10k, 20k or 50k increments).
   [less than 50kgc] GIWS off: no warnings
[ 50kg or more] Level 0: warning when the third wave spawn, at :14
[100kg or more] Level 1: warning when the second wave spawn, at :08
[150kg or more] Level 2: warning when the first wave spawn, at :02
[200kg or more] Level 3: warning before the invasion starts, at :00
[Information provided by Theryndan, verified by Entropy]

Masterul Manole
Artwork by ks_copy and used with permission

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