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Race: Human
Sex: Male
Job: Lottery
Land Map: White Stone
Locale: Grahm's Village
Coords: (153,151)

   You pay 5000 gold coins for a ticket, for a chance to win the big prize. You can
buy as many tickets as you want, and the more you buy the higher the chance to win.
   At the end of the month, the winner is annoucned. Once the winner is announced,
he or she has a month to claim the prize by coming here. If the winner does not
claim the prize within a month, the prize goes into the next month prize.
   There is one prize per month (OCC: that's an IRL week), which is equivalent with 90%
of the total value of the tickets. Please notice that a ticket is virtual, you
won't get anything in your inventory.

Artwork by Roja and used with permission

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