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Day of Aleksei Stakhanov


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Job: General Store
General Store
Land Map: Portland
Structure: "Portland general store"
Coords: (192,94)
Item Sell to Price Buy From Price
Bucket N/A 100 Gold Coins
Cactus 0 Gold Coins 1 Gold Coins
Carving Knife N/A 50 Gold Coins
Crossbow training bolts N/A 10 Gold Coins
Fox Scarf 10 Gold Coins N/A
Fur Boots 75 Gold Coins N/A
Fur Cloak 20 Gold Coins N/A
Fur Hat 14 Gold Coins N/A
Leather N/A 10 Gold Coins
Mortar & Pestle 50 Gold Coins 100 Gold Coins
Needle N/A 3 Gold Coins
Pickaxe N/A 15 Gold Coins
Rope 6 Gold Coins 12 Gold Coins
Saw N/A 100 Gold Coins
Thread N/A 2 Gold Coins
Training arrows N/A 10 Gold Coins
Warm Fur Gloves 8 Gold Coins N/A

Artwork by ks_copy and used with permission

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