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Race: Human
Sex: Male
Land Map: Morcraven Marsh
Structure: Tankel's House
Degraded Item Repaired Item Cost Success Rate
Damaged Crown of Life Crown of Life 3000 Gold Coins 60/40
Damaged Crown of Mana Crown of Mana 3000 Gold Coins 60/40
Damaged Iron Cuisses Iron Cuisses 1300 Gold Coins 60/40
Damaged Iron Greave Iron Greave 1300 Gold Coins 60/40
Damaged Iron Plate Mail Iron Plate Mail 1500 Gold Coins 60/40
Pre-owned Serpent Sword Titanium Serpent Sword 500 Gold Coins 50/50
Pre-owned Titanium Axe Titanium Axe 2100 Gold Coins 60/40
Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 300 Gold Coins 70/30
Second Hand Steel Axe Steel Axe 1800 Gold Coins 60/40
Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail Titanium Chain Mail 700 Gold Coins 60/40
Second Hand Titanium Long Sword Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 400 Gold Coins 60/40
Used Iron Axe Iron Axe 1500 Gold Coins 60/40
Used Steel Two Edged Sword Steel Two Edged Sword 100 Gold Coins 80/20
*You must bring the degraded/damaged item with you to have it repaired.

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