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Skill Schools

Most skill schools allow you to earn double xp while making an item, but you do not keep the item. Note: Level 0 mix items do not give double xp.
Magic skill schools are essentially PK maps for combat magic only (example: Harm, Poison & Life Drain spells). The main exception being Mana Drain which does not work in the Magic Schools.
Summoning skill schools require 1/2 normal mana usage and summons are agressive towards each other (reduce the clutter of summoned animals).
There are not skill schools for every skill and some schools are inactive (do not earn double xp) at this time.

Sort Ascending
No sort
No sort
No sort
No sort
No sort
Alchemy Yes White Stone Elavro Mountains Alchemy School of Whitestone (705,567)
Alchemy Yes Desert Pines Desert Tropics Alchemical Academy (28,119)
Alchemy Yes Emerald Valley Trade Route   "The Reaper" Alchemy School (221,355)
Alchemy Yes Glacmor   Glacmor Skill Academy (335,136)
Alchemy Yes Morcraven Marsh   Alchemical Experiment Laboratory (324,144)
Crafting Inactive White Stone Orvale Mountains Svetlana's crafting consortium (47,359)
Crafting Yes Tarsengaard   Tarsengaard Jewel Academy (261,204)
Crafting Yes Desert Pines Evergreen Woods Jewels and Gems crafting school (191,278)
Crafting Yes Irsis   Irsis School of the Exquisite Adornment (280,297)
Crafting Yes Glacmor   Glacmor Skill Academy (335,136)
Engineering Yes Tarsengaard   Seridian Academy of Science & Engineering (87,42)
Engineering Yes Arius The Magic School Garden Arius Magic School (85,274)
Magic Yes Tarsengaard Mage School   (183,316)
Magic Yes Arius Arius City   (92,240)
Magic Yes Palon Vertas   Palon Vertas Magic School (43,364)
Magic Yes Ruins of Tirnym     (33,89)
Magic Yes Willowvine Forest   Willowvine Skill Academy (176,121)
Magic Yes Naralik   Naralik school of Magic (154,178)
Manufacturing Yes White Stone Lakeside Village White Stone Militia Supplies Blacksmithing School (564,123)
Manufacturing Yes North Redmoon Island   Redmoon Blacksmithing school (227,314)
Manufacturing Yes Irinveron   Forge of Fishers (75,364)
Manufacturing Yes Portland     (94,103)
Manufacturing Yes Willowvine Forest   Willowvine Skill Academy (176,121)
Potion Inactive Melinis     (27,29)
Potion Yes Irsis   Irsis School of the Chemist (320,136)
Potion Yes Glacmor   Glacmor Skill Academy (335,136)
Potion Yes Portland   Portia's Potion School (281,270)
Potion Yes Morcraven Marsh Fort Hallagan Herbalist Hall Potioning School (185,163)
Summoning Inactive Melinis   The ShapeShifting Temple (21,296)
Summoning Yes Arius Arius City   (86,275)
Summoning Yes Southern Kilaran   South Kilaran Fields Summoning Arena (44,164)
Summoning Yes Tahraji Desert Ruins of Matajin   (256,310)
Summoning Yes White Stone Grahm's Village   (166,102)
Summoning Yes Willowvine Forest   Willowvine Skill Academy (176,121)
Tailoring Yes Glacmor     (275,124)
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