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One for the Future?

Postby GodFatheR » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:08 pm

Hi Cel

This is Godfather here. Some of you have already met me as I recently done a guild project with you. Those who I have met have had the opportunity too meet me and talk to me, and from what I can see, you are a great bunch of people. For those who don't know me, i'll just drop a little bit of me in this topic. Name is Godfather, i'm from England and i've played el for around 4 years. Don't think I can really explain myself on here via one forum topic, best way too get too know me is in game! I hope those that have met me, will back me when I say I am a friendly person, well mannered and honourable when it comes to looking after those, who look after me. I've been with my current guild IRON for almost my EL playing career, only time i've not been with them is when i've been inactive or when I left for a while to take a short break from the game, because back then, my studies came first,

What do I know about CEL? Well a very old guild, infact one of the oldest in game if im correct, honourable and stick to a valuable code - friendship. Modest off the pk fields, and gracious on them. I can only say what i've seen, and so far, so long as I am concerned, a guild filled with a tight group of friends, and warm players.

CEL is an invite guild only, and by all means THIS IS NOT an application too join, however if given the opportunity, would I turn it down? No. I know as well as everyone else should, being invited into CEL is not a right, it's a privilege and for that reason (aswell as many others) I would accept such invitation :D.

In my own opinion, Eternal Lands is a game where opportunity should not be wasted. Once you join a guild such as CEL, there should be no leaving, except within reasonable circumstance. As for the guild you leave behind, they shall always remain friends, after all everyone is only a pm away. If we always looked back at what we leave behind in this life, we would get nowhere, let alone in game or real life. If everyone looked back, CEL would not be the guild it is today. I ask that everyone who takes their time to venture into these forums, take their time too read this post, not for the player writing it, but for the words that mean something. Players come and players go, CEL like many others shall remain.

Want too get too know me more? /GodFatheR Tell me more! ;)

Thanks for Reading

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