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History I - Lotharion

In the beginning there was nothing and the world was flooded.

Then... from an unexplainable dissolution of the unspeakable #beaver in the mysterious realm; under-the-#gazebo, came the first divine beings; #castor and #majava. Soon they decided to inhabit the flooded lands and so they started to gnaw the wood and mud of Under-the-#gazebo to build the great world-dam. And soon the land was dry and #Majava and #castor roamed it.

The first era of #Beaver had dawned.

Soon #majava and #castor became bored with the empty land and they started gnawing the wood and mud of Under-the-#gazebo to make statues to keep them company and so the image of man, elf and dwarf, and all the animals that walk, creep, swim or fly were created. The elves were mostly composed of slender resilient wood, while dwarves were crafted mostly from the heavy and though mud and rock of Under-the-#gazebo. Humans were made of equal proportions of dirt and wood. And in this mixture they became the most versatile, but also most short-lived of all the races.

And with them the second Era of #Beaver dawned

And then darkness fell upon the land. As in the void created by the building of #Castor and #majava spawned the supreme evil Fluffor of lepus, the demon of the night. Fluffor descended to the dry lands and with him came desire and hatred. Castor greeted the unknown guest and was mauled by the gangs of Fluffor. Then fluffor violated the sanctity of #majava. And this unholy union had planted the seed of life in #majava. It grew big inside her. Soon she realized that to stop the fruit of her womb to grow evil, it would have to be born before it's time, and it could not bear the fur of Fluffor. So #majava sacrificed her life in a great and valiant struggle she cut open her own belly and stripped herself of skin and fur. The little sibling she brought to life, she clothed in her skin, and the skin of castor.

And there was Hat.

And so the One Hat came into being.

The One hat carried the supreme life-giving force of Under-the-#gazebo and it brought life to the statues made by #castor and #Majava. Soon the living statues dwindled, as they needed food to sustain themselves lest they would die and revert to the wood and mud of #under-the-#gazebo. So #majava sacrificed her dying breath to save the life created in the wake of the One Hat. And there was pie.

And so the Era of Pie dawned upon the world.

And yet, the Evil, even though it was greatly weakened by the artifacts of One Hat and Pie, did not relent to the Glory of #Beaver! In an evil plot to corrupt the servants of #Beaver, the Evil forces amassed great energy to melt the very rocks of the earth, luring in innocent travelers, enticing them to drop their guard and submit themselves to the corrupting powers of the universe.

And there was Lava.

To this very day, the followers of #Beaver combat the devious spell that Evil cast upon the lands! Luring men to their doom with the red-hot glow of lava, enticing them to renounce #Beaver and embrace the Evil Fluffor.

History II - Ghrae

In the beginning of time, on a lonely desert, in a remote corner butting up against sun baked rock a simple cactus took root. Despite the harsh climate, or perhaps in defiance, the cactus grew rapidly. It's name was Betsy.

Many years later, ignorant of the harsh life Betsy had struggled successfully against, two solitary souls met one day.

"Please sit down," Lotharion requested.

Kira promptly sat down not far from Lotharion, but her curiosity was peaked. "Why?" she asked simply.

"You were making it hard for me to harvest from the great cactus."

Although Kira was new to this land, his request made sense. And so they sat there, harvesting from Betsy to make their way in the world. Betsy gave willingly to these two travelers and watched patiently as the friendship between them grew.

What they did not know yet, was that their friendship would grow and from the friendship they would one day save their earnings from the harvesting and join together to form one of the oldest guilds in the Eternal Lands.

It is at such humble beginnings that the greatest of deeds begins.

Bendarr / Deson - Deson

It seems that all tales start with youth. Either the world was young and still untamed or the hero was young and untried. In this case, it is a hero that we look upon.

Bendarr was like most noobs, carving out his existence in the world of Eternal Lands. Unlike most though, he was patient and observant and so he soon found himself easily able to defend against the surprisingly though rabbits and beavers that populated Isla Prima. And thus it was that Bendarr one day happened upon a nameless noob who was still struggling to hold on to life against the onslaught of seemingly innocent woodland animals. Generosity at such an early stage is quite rare, but not impossible to find. And thus it was that Bendarr offered his only sword to the noob, saving his life.

Along Bendarr’s adventures from White Stone City to Portland, he happened upon a fellow adventurer at the foot bridge just outside town, by the name of Philoc. With a rabbit in close proximity, Bendarr quickly pounced on it bare handed, preventing it from bothering anyone ever again. With appreciation Philoc cheered his efforts and valor.

But the cheering was short lived. At that time a male buck charged into the clearing, trying to make a name for itself. Without hesitation Philoc vanquished the deer, equally unarmed. And with equal appreciation Bendarr cheered Philoc.

In an ancient sign of respect, Philoc sat upon the ground and bowed his head. Seeing the confusion in Bendarr at sight of the ritual, Philoc explained. They talked of many things. Bendarr, who’s adventures had taken him to increasingly dangerous areas asked Philoc about the price of a sword to replace the one that he had given away. Knowing that most noobs have obtained a sword by the time they are able to go out on their own, inquired as to Bendarr’s loss. Thus Bendarr retold the short tale of the helpless noob and Bendarr’s own sacrifice.

"Oh well, looks like I'm going to be making a LOT of fur gloves then," Bendarr surmised as they parted ways. Swords were not expensive, but he would have to earn the gold first.

Not long after that meeting, Philoc met with the leader of CEL, Lotharion. He told of a noob who gave of himself despite his own needs. Lotharion was touched and sought out Bendarr, requesting a meeting at Isla Prima. In the mean time, Lotharion did question some few souls about Bendarr to verify the claim and from those questions did word spread of Bendarr’s generosity.

But the request to join Lotharion made Bendarr nervous. Who was Lotharion? Was he offering to help? Or was he looking to humiliate Bendarr for losing his sword? But Lotharion was of the same guild as Philoc and Philoc had been honest at their first meeting. Thus Bendarr traveled back to Isla Prima. Instead of humiliation, Bendarr was greeted by a reward for his kindness. Lotharion handed him a sword whose quality dwarfed the one he had given up so long ago. To go along with the sword, and to replace Bendarr’s adventure-worn clothing, Lotharion then added armor to protect Bendarr in his further adventures. And thus another friendship was cemented by simple deeds.

As is often the case, people evolve in ways that their form in Eternal Lands was not meant to be. Bendarr was one of those. And so it was one day when Bendarr evolved into Deson. And Deson like his previous Bendarr soon proved himself worthy of attention. Is it any surprise then that CEL has tapped him for membership in their guild?

Official Guild Song: Witch Doctor (#Beaver Remix) - Leahatwood
I told the witch doctor I was in love with you
I told the witch doctor you didn't love me too
And then the witch doctor, he told me what to do
He said that ....

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, #Beaver
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, #Beaver...
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, #Beaver
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, #Beaver

I told the witch doctor you didn't love me true
I told the witch doctor you didn't love me nice
And then the witch doctor, he game me this advice
He said to ...


Now, you've been keeping love from me
Just like you were a miser
And I'll admit I wasn't very smart
So I went out and found myself
A guy that's so much wiser
And he taught me the way to win your heart

My friend the witch doctor, he taught me what to say
My friend the witch doctor, he taught me what to do
I know that you'll be mine when I say this to you
Oh, Baby ....


ElfenWolfe - Dendar
There is a legend
Of a creature called ElfenWolfe
It was said it's nature was to be kind, gentle, and loving.
However, when it comes to matters of protecting friends, family or heart, it is not a creature to be trifled with,
for it is the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know
the end

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