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CEL Alliances

RIVA Rivan Warriors (Full Alliance)
 A friendly guild focused on team work. Riva brings honor to their guild through fellowship and helping others in need at all times.

EG Eternal Guardians (Non-Aggression Pact)
 One of the oldest guilds in Eternal Lands. Where a good attitude, helpfulness and a sense of humor are a must.

BoC Blue Oyster Cult (Full Alliance)
 We want everyone to be respected and cared for, only for mature people, we will help you to find your way...

THOR The Heroes Of Redemption (Cooperation Treaty)
 A guild and a family, that shows respect to all.

NEX Nex Eternus (Non-Aggression Pact)
HIM His InfernaL Majesty (Non-Aggression Pact)
DIE! Die If Enemy! (Non-Aggression Pact)
*GF* Good Friend (Non-Aggression Pact)
<TE> Terras Eternas (Non-Aggression Pact)
KMA Kindred Mystical Alliance (Non-Aggression Pact)
TSA The Skies Above (Non-Aggression Pact)
EWoL Eternal Warriors of Light (Non-Aggression Pact)
-B- Black Illusion (Non-Aggression Pact)
LVL^ Level Up (Non-Aggression Pact)
ALOA Azure League of Artisans (Non-Aggression Pact)
HAVN Haven (Non-Aggression Pact)
ARMY Eternal Army (Non-Aggression Pact)
HOLY Holy Dragon Knights (Non-Aggression Pact)
L.A. Limited Addiction (Non-Aggression Pact)
LoL Laughing Out Loud (Non-Aggression Pact)
SiTu Seridia Trade Union (Non-Aggression Pact)
BABY babies are babys yay! (Non-Aggression Pact)
SYND Syndicate (Non-Aggression Pact)
RICH RICH (Non-Aggression Pact)
TTW The Theta Warriors (Non-Aggression Pact)
Alch Eternal Alchemists (Non-Aggression Pact)
LORE Last Original Realm of Eternals (Non-Aggression Pact)
JuST Justice Unity Strength & Trust (Non-Aggression Pact)
P&Q Peace & Quiet (Non-Aggression Pact)
GOS Guardian of Souls (Non-Aggression Pact)
FeaR (Non-Aggression Pact)
WaH We are Here (Non-Aggression Pact)
FoCW Fellowship of the Celtic Woods (Non-Aggression Pact)
*CO* Corpius Opis (Non-Aggression Pact)
R&R Rest and Relaxation (Non-Aggression Pact)
LNX Linux Community (Non-Aggression Pact)
 One of the first democratic guilds in EL and a big family.
Ozú! Spania Universia (Non-Aggression Pact)
 Grupo de amigos, internacional y sin finalidad bélica.
HTiD Hardcore Till I Die (Non-Aggression Pact)
=PI= Play It Forward Fellowship (Non-Aggression Pact)
 Concept: good deeds paid forward, not back; (guideline, not a requirement). Here to help others, especially those new to EL.
MAD SaniTariuM (Non-Aggression Pact)
Earn Earn (Non-Aggression Pact)
K&M Holy Knights & Merchants (Non-Aggression Pact)
GRMP Grumpy Old Men (Non-Aggression Pact)
*PR* Pure Rangers (Non-Aggression Pact)
 Home of the EL Charity Raffle. We are a fun group of players who value friendship over skills. A little bit Crazy but very loyal!
=KE= Kill Effect (Non-Aggression Pact)
RICH Rich (Non-Aggression Pact)

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