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Choose which set of books you wish to view
All Advanced Tailoring Alchemy Armor Construction Astrology
Biology Bows and arrows Bronze Armors Crystal Mining Crystal Processing
Dragon Armor Dyes Engineering Enhanced Experience
Fighting Fighting 2 Glyphs Jewelry Embedding Magic Weapon
Medallion Building Metal Mining Metal Molding Metal Smelting Mines and wards
More Dragon Armors Other Other Items Potion 2 Potions
Potions 3 Ring Building Summoning Summoning 2 Summoning Stones
Tailoring Tools Making Weapon Construction Weapons
Choose which NPC you'll be buying books from.
Ardur Brogan Cantemir Dan Expila
Frukas Grigore Ureche Itilli Nahark Neculce
Or Choose which SKILL you'll be buying books for.
Alchemy Crafting Engineering Harvesting Manufacturing
Potion Summoning Tailoring

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