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     From time to time in the game you will run across various Ants with purple names indicating that they are bots. But what are they? And what is their purpose?
     There are two types of Ants. The main type were created by one of the game developers as an experiment in AI. They have names like Ant_Queen, Ant_Store, Ant_5 and Red_Ant_7. These ants can explore maps, fight creatures and yes, even grab bags they see on the ground (even your death bag!). As they develop and level their size increases.
     The other types of Ants are those that players can rent: Pet Ants. Yes, you read correctly, you could have your own Ant to follow you around the game for a few real life $$. Before you get ideas of riches and having your own personal mule or protector, these are for entertainment value and must respect all the rules, including the illegal multi (#5) rule.
     You may even see a Pet Ant in the form of a fox. These are uber Pet Ants for only the coolest of game players. They do cost more, but half of the money is donated to Eternal Lands to help offset the costs of hosting a free game.

Useful Links:
Learner's Pet Ants page, listing all the current pets and their owners
EL Forum discussing ant abilities and rules and instructions on how to create & purchase your OWN Pet Ant

Warning: Pet Ants can not be used to break any game rule and must obey all illegal multi rules (it is treated as an alt)!

Command: Die or Bye
Description: Pet Ant will logoff the game

Command: PM [text]
Description: Pet Ant will PM another player a message
Notes: You can not use ants to harass, spam or bypass #ignore.
Example: /ant_learner pm ghrae Your site is pr0!

Command: Say [text]
Description: Pet Ant will repeat text in local chat
Notes: You can not use ants to harass, spam or bypass #ignore.

Command: Suicide
Description: Pet Ant will visit the local underworld
Notes: Pet Ants have the same chance of dropping items upon #suicide just like any other player

Command: Trade
Description: Toggle enable / disable trade with all on the Pet Ant
Notes: default is enabled

Command: Wear
Description: Pet Ant will equip an item in inventory
Notes: Pet Ant will equip an item in inventory
Example: "/ant_learner wear helm" will not work since there is no in game item by that name
"/ant_learner wear leather helm" will work and your Pet Ant's ears will be safer and of course it will now look more pr0!

Command: Where
Description: Pet Ant will tell you it's current coordinates

Ants - Movement
Command: Backward
Description: Pet Ant will take a step backwards

Command: Beam
Description: Pet Ant will send the "#beam me up" command and teleport to Isla prima
Notes: Ants have the same restrictions that players do so may not be able to "beam" from all maps

Command: Dance [motions]
Description: Pet Ant will dance based on their master's command
Notes: Dance commands
s - Sit
t - Stand
l - turn left
r - turn right
f - step forward
b - step back
p - pause
Example: /ant_learner dance s t l r f f b p s p t p l l r r

Command: Forward
Description: Pet Ant will take a step forward

Command: Heel or Follow or Come
Description: Pet Ant will follow you
Notes: It is recommended that you put some points into Perception when creating your Pet Ant, that way they will be able to see you at night

Command: Left
Description: Pet Ant will turn left

Command: Right
Description: Pet Ant will turn right

Command: Ring or Use Ring
Description: Pet Ant will use a teleport ring
Notes: You can't control which ring, so don't overload them with different ones
Currently, the Ants don't automatically walk out of the C2 underworld, this will be getting changed

Command: Sit
Description: Pet Ant will sit down

Command: Stand
Description: Pet Ant will stand up

Command: Tport
Description: Pet Ant will attempt to teleport to the next map
Notes: Pet Ants are like children and need to be trained to use map flags, boats and doors. Every time the "tport" command is used the Pet Ant will attempt to USE a nearby object. Make sure it is close to the item it needs to try.
Training Pet Ants takes patience. Pet Ants will need to be told to "tport" a new door, etc many times before it learns the right object.
As they learn of a particular map flag or door, successive attempts should be instant.

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