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White Tiger

Attack / Defense are not the only determinants for creature difficulty.  The formulas used are player discovered and though consistent are not proven.
Be advised that unknown attributes like physique and coordination also determine difficulty.  Some creatures with lower Atttack / Defense might be more difficult due to higher Physique / Coordination.

White Tiger
Health: 75
Attack: 88
Defense: 76
Agressive: No
Ignore Level: Non-agressive
Family: Tiger
Mana: 0-45
Magic Resistant: No
Notes: Random chance of Cooldown
North Redmoon IslandNorth Redmoon Island
Southern Redmoon Island MountainsSouthern Redmoon Island Mountains
Can be summoned with:
1 Tiger Summoning Stone
Qty Item
2 Bones
3 Raw Meat
1 White Tiger Fur
Posted drops are known guaranteed drops. All random drops are up to players to discover themselves.

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