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For a complete list of FAQs: Click Here
Contributors to this FAQ include: Burn, Entropy, Ermabwed, Ketiana, Labrat

Question: Can I shape shift into other creatures?
Answer: Yes. Currently into a Mule or Phoenix with a Glyph

Question: Where do I get Glyphs?
Answer: You can mix them (Summoning Skill) or buy them on market channel

Question: I used a Glyph and turned back to my normal self after 30 seconds!
Answer: Glyphs only last for 30 seconds

Question: How can I stay shape shifted for longer periods of time?
Answer: You’ll need Creature Food in your inventory. Each food allows you to stay shape shifted an additional 30 seconds

Question: Where do I get Creature Food?
Answer: You can mix them (Potion Skill) or buy them on market channel

Question: What abilities and limits are there for the Mule form?
Answer: • While in Mule form you get an increase in your EMU – 10% per Mule level up to 130% extra EMU
• You cannot trade, harvest, earn experience while fighting / casting spells, etc
• If you trade with someone you will revert back to your normal avatar form
• If you shift back with more items in your inventory than you can hold normally you will not be able to move until you drop some of the items
• You can use storage, change maps, interact with NPCs, USE and USE WITH

Question: How do you gain levels in your shape shifted form?
Answer: You must use 800 food (roughly 6.6 hours) in the form (does not have to be consecutively)

Question: How do I know what level I am in shape shifted form?
Answer: Use the EYE icon on yourself. You will get a message like “You see [your name]. You are level [#] shapeshifting for the current creature!”

Question: How do I shift back to my normal avatar?
Answer: Either wait out the time (might help if you return any Creature Food to storage) or click USE (Finger icon) on yourself.

Question: Do I need to stay in shape shifted form constantly or can I do it a little at a time?
Answer: You can do it either way

Question: How many levels are there for a shapeshifted form?
Answer: You start at level 0; Max level is 12

Question: Does Day of Fasting effect shapeshifted forms and the creature food they eat?
Answer: No. Shapeshifted forms can continue to eat creature food despite the #day

Question: Why do some mules look different?
Answer: As you level in the shapeshifted form, it changes appearance

Level 0-3

Level 4-7

Level 8+

Question: What advantages does the Phoenix give you?
Answer: Leveling up is the same as with the mule (with the exception that the food requirements are double), you need to be in the shape shifted form for a long time.
Advantages of the phoenix:
1. 1*level fire protection.
2. 1*level chance to dodge hits, and it stacks with the 5% default chance and with the evanescence perk.
3. 1*level extra attack
4. 5*level to 'reborn', in addition to the day of the dead effect.
5. If the player has magic immunity cast before shape shifting, the spell will not wear off while in the phoenix form.
6. Based on the level, there is a chance to not get a cooldown when using an item.
7. When polymorphed to phoenix, if phoenix level 5 or higher you will retain the true sight effect (if it was already cast prior to polymorph) for the entire duration of the polymorph.

Question: What does the Phoenix look like?

Image of Burn in Phoenix form

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