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Throughout your travels, you will find various priests. Each one is the avatar of their god, knowing their history and how to best please the gods.
Through the priests you can choose to follow up to three gods. Early on there is a test of faith as your experience from following that god is lessened, but if you pass the test of faith and complete their quests, the reward is a much greater increase in the experience you gain of the skill that matches that god.
The table below allows you to preview which combination of gods is compatible. As you choose a god in each category, only the compatible (friendly) gods are left in the next section. When you choose a god, you can click on his enlarged name for details about that god. The wheel at the bottom of the page gives you a graphical representation of how the gods intermingle.

God Compatability Chart
As you click on the Gods below, only the choices of compatable, friendly gods will remain.
First God Second God Third God
Aluwen / Defense
Glilin / Manufacturing
Zarin / Crafting
Mortos / Attack
Selain / Summoning
Unolas / Magic
Elandria / Alchemy
Lucaa / Harvesting*
Jayden / Potion
LaForge / Engineering
Galienne / Tailoring*
Xiao / Ranging*

*These gods do not yet have priests so you will not be able to worship this god
Gods Chart
RED lines indicate the gods at either end are enemies
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