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Aluwen - Defense

Goddess of Life, Goodness and Truth

God: Aluwen
Skill: Defense
Original Race: Elf
Priest: Noria
Map: White Stone
Locale: Forest of the Fall
Structure: Aluwen's Temple
Coords: (632,687)
Quest XP Bonus Notes
1 -4%
2 0%
3 4%
4 8%
5 12%
6 16%
7 20%
Blessing +10 Defense Levels
Note on Blessings: Temporary levels and will reduce by 1 every minute until back to normal.
Note on Original Race: These were the gods' original forms. The gods can assume any form they want, however, and will often times take the appearance to be of the same race as their worshipers. For instance, Mortos appearing to the orchans will himself look like an orchan because they wouldn't trust or want a "human" god.

Full Description
A strong believer in goodness, truth and the intrinsic worth of all living things, she constantly strives to heal the sick or wounded. She has a tendency to choose diplomacy first and foremost and violence only as a last resort. Her race, the elves, have inherited her love of nature and the sanctity of life. She also believes that there is an order, a purpose, to all living things and spends much of her time striving to influence that purpose toward the ultimate good. As such, she is constantly at odds with her evil counterpart, Mortos, and fights constantly with him to determine the direction of the Lands, Good or Evil. For a long time she held Mortos at bay and kept peace in the lands. The Great War brought destruction and the curse of the undead to the minions of the dark god, however, and the lands are now in turmoil once more. Yet Aluwen is ever patient and learned from the war. She continues her endless toil to nurture life and kindness among the races, attempting to avert conflict whenever possible.

To follow her path is to defend the innocent, bring life to the wounded, and speak the truth of the heart.

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