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Xiao - Ranging

God: Xiao
Skill: Ranging
Original Race: Dark Elf
Priest: None exists yet
Quest XP Bonus Notes
Blessing Unknown
Note on Blessings: Temporary levels and will reduce by 1 every minute until back to normal.
Note on Original Race: These were the gods' original forms. The gods can assume any form they want, however, and will often times take the appearance to be of the same race as their worshipers. For instance, Mortos appearing to the orchans will himself look like an orchan because they wouldn't trust or want a "human" god.

Full Description
Seemingly care-free and loving if you're on his side, Xiao more often has evil tendencies. His warm nature only extends to his followers, which he cares for and protects greatly. Any other mortal is worthless in his eyes and any god who stands in the way of his people is an enemy. Though once a mortal, he cares little for the affairs of the world or the other deities and barely ever spends time among them. The most famous of his followers are the notorious Nightshade clan of Tirnym, assassins who work only for themselves and the highest bidders. Because of his detached attitude toward Draia and the other gods, he is not always grouped among the evil gods, for he has been known to do acts of good. He is also not often inclined to do spontaneous acts of hate and evil against other races, but prefers to ignore them and to let them go about their lives, unless of course they threaten his followers.

Those who follow Xiao have a fierce loyalty to each other and despise the outside world. Blessed by their god, they are often the most deadly archers in Draia and know foul secrets of poisons and deadly concoctions.

As mortals, the gods Xiao and Selain were twin brothers. Xiao shares his brother's cunning and duplicity. He is known to take guises of other figures and pose as more than one god. His most well known form is Izet, god of the sands. Once a powerful patron god of Matajin, Izet lost fame following the destruction of the Majini empire in the Great War, but still has many devout followers among the tribes that wander the Tahraji. The majority of these followers have no idea that Izet is in fact Xiao under a different guise.

To follow Xiao is to have true aim, kill swiftly, live secretly, and honor those of the clan.

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