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Glilin - Manufacturing

God of Craftsmanship, Discipline and Skill

God: Glilin
Skill: Manufacturing
Original Race: Dwarf
Priest: Baostas
Map: Nordcarn
Structure: Temple of Glilin, god of Craftsmanship, Discipline and Skill
Coords: (10,152)
Quest XP Bonus Notes
1 -4%
2 0%
3 4%
4 8%
5 12%
6 16%
7 20%
Blessing +8 Manufacturing Levels
Note on Blessings: Temporary levels and will reduce by 1 every minute until back to normal.
Note on Original Race: These were the gods' original forms. The gods can assume any form they want, however, and will often times take the appearance to be of the same race as their worshipers. For instance, Mortos appearing to the orchans will himself look like an orchan because they wouldn't trust or want a "human" god.

Full Description
Originally a master smith of the Dwarves, Glilin values craftsmanship and discipline. He marshaled his race during the War of the Gods and was elevated to Divinity during that time by rash desicions of the gods; he remained as a deity, however, despite the regrets of some. Although he fought on the side of good in that war, Glilin is not primarily predisposed to it, still maintaining dwarven practicality and neutrality. He is the patron of all manufacturers, from the simplest blacksmith to the highly skilled weapons and armor smiths, who pray to him to grant them skill in their work. With the wisdom gained from a long life as a mortal, he is a little more inclined to think about the quality and type of people involved, rather than the number. A stern, yet merry god who doesn’t take his divinity too seriously, he delights in the invention of new things and often has many discussions with Elandria and Jayden about the properties of different materials and elements. A strict disciplinarian who believes that hard work is the way to achieve any worthwhile goal in life, he tends to favor those that are willing to follow the system rather than the eccentric geniuses that Zarin prefers. Logical and hardworking, he often believes that longer roads yield more results and supply better discipline.

To follow Glilin's path is to bring true craftsmanship into the world.

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