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Zarin - Crafting

Goddess of Freedom, Beauty, and the Arts

God: Zarin
Skill: Crafting
Original Race: Human
Priest: Durnam
Map: Tarsengaard
Locale: Zarin's Temple
Structure: Temple of Zarin, Goddess of Freedom, Beauty, and the Arts
Coords: (325,60)
Quest XP Bonus Notes
1 -4%
2 0%
3 4%
4 8%
5 12%
6 16%
Blessing +10 Craft Levels
Note on Blessings: Temporary levels and will reduce by 1 every minute until back to normal.
Note on Original Race: These were the gods' original forms. The gods can assume any form they want, however, and will often times take the appearance to be of the same race as their worshipers. For instance, Mortos appearing to the orchans will himself look like an orchan because they wouldn't trust or want a "human" god.

Full Description
Zarin is, in her own way, one of the darker gods. She cares far more for appearance and material wealth than for faith and good deeds. Full of lust and vanity, her favored subjects are always those who leave the most extravagant offerings and create the most beautiful jewelry in her name. Often rash and always of a strong and stubborn opinion which she rarely ever changes, she is more likely to follow the lead of gods such as Mortos and Selain rather than heed the others' council. It is her belief that her followers cannot create true marvels and beautiful things without complete freedom to chase their ideas. Thus she despises it when the other gods meddle in her affairs and expects little from her subjects in the way of kindness and goodness.

To follow Zarin's path is to seek riches and create beauty above all else.

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