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Mortos - Attack

God of Death, Destruction, and Pain

God: Mortos
Skill: Attack
Original Race: Human
Priest: Dirhyan
Map: Naralik
Locale: Naralik Catacombs
Structure: Temple of Mortos, God of Death, Destruction, and Pain
Coords: (106,161)
Quest XP Bonus Notes
1 -4%
2 0%
3 4%
4 8%
5 12% Receive 20,000 Attack xp
6 16%
7 20%
Blessing +15 Attack Levels
Note on Blessings: Temporary levels and will reduce by 1 every minute until back to normal.
Note on Original Race: These were the gods' original forms. The gods can assume any form they want, however, and will often times take the appearance to be of the same race as their worshipers. For instance, Mortos appearing to the orchans will himself look like an orchan because they wouldn't trust or want a "human" god.

Full Description
Self-centered, arrogant, and power-hungry, Mortos is by far the most widely recognized patron of evil and destruction. His lust for power led him to actions that began The War of the Gods and brought destruction and death to Draia. After the war he nursed his hatred of the other gods and all living things. Now he seeks death for all that live and give beauty. Crafting wretched creatures that mock the beautiful races of the other gods, he leads hoards of evil against the innocent. Though the Great War taught him lessons of the balance the world needs, he still delights in the suffering of all who are good. Immediately after the end of The Great War, he placed the curse of the undead upon his monsters, allowing them to forever return to plague mortals.

Even though he is seemingly void of compassion, or even any manner of a conscience, Mortos has been known to grow fond of mortals and even do a rare good deed. However, he would never admit to any of these things and they are rare events.

To follow Mortos is to delight in evil, death and destruction, and to be the herald of the end of life.
Mortos in his mortal form
Artwork by Roja and used with permission

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