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Rose Quartz

Class: Mineral
Weight: 2 emu
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes
Drop on Death: Yes
50% chance to drop upon death unless carrying a rostogal stone
Skill Nexus Type Qty
Harvest Inorganic 1

To make:
Can not be made
made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Crystal Technology
Crystal Mining
Quartz Mining
Rose Quartz Mining

Used to make:
Skill Quantity Item
Alchemy 1 Matter Essence
Potion 1 Potion of Body Restoration

Needed as a tool for:
Not used as a tool for anything.

This item CAN be harvested.
2 seconds base time between harvests
Tools required to harvest:

Locations of Harvestables:
Locations are determined by the image of the harvestable being used on the map. It does not mean that the item is truly harvestable.
Aeth Aelfan
Bethel Barbarian Caves
C2 Portals Room
Bethel Caves
Irinveron Caves
Iscalrith Caves
Portland Caves
Trassian Caves
Desert Pines Crystal Caverns
Desert Pines
White Stone Diamond Cave
Emerald Valley Trade Route
Aeth Aelfan Gloomy Cave
Willowvine Forest Insides
Palon Vertas Insides
Morcraven Marsh Insides
Irinveron Insides
Melinis Insides
Zirankinbar Insides
Iscalrith Insides
Portland Insides
Tarsengaard Insides & Gargoyle Cave
Tarsengaard Mage School
Idaloran Mines
Valley of the Dwarves Temple & Insides
Aeth Aelfan Wyrmgoth Underground

Spells that require this ingredient:
No spells use this item as an ingredient.
Creatures that are summoned with this ingredient:
Not an ingredient used in summoning.

Places to sell this item:
Price NPC Shop Type Location
1 gold Harvy Minerals Trader Desert Pines (Kamara Desert)

Places to buy this item:
Price NPC Shop Type Location
8 gold Harvy Minerals Trader Desert Pines (Kamara Desert)

Creatures known to drop this item:
No creatures known to drop this item.

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