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Raw Meat

Class: Animal
Weight: 1 emu
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes
Drop on Death: Yes
50% chance to drop upon death unless carrying a rostogal stone
Nexuses: No Nexus related to this item

You can cook raw meat into cooked meat:
• "use with" wood branches or wood log on a working campfire
• "use with" fire essence on campfire (fire is now lit)
• "use with" raw meat on fire one at a time OR equip a frying pan to do 10 at a time

To make:
Can not be made
made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
There are no pre-requisites to this item.

Used to make:
Skill Quantity Item
Potion 15 Creature food
Potion 1 Potion of Feasting
Potion 3 Potion of Physique

Needed as a tool for:
Not used as a tool for anything.

This item can NOT be harvested.
Tools required to harvest:
No tools needed to harvest.

Spells that require this ingredient:
No spells use this item as an ingredient.
Creatures that are summoned with this ingredient:
Quantity Item
5 Arctic Chim
3 Armed Female Goblin
3 Armed Female Orc
3 Armed Male Goblin
3 Armed Male Orc
1 Beaver
5 Black Bear
4 Boar
1 Brown Rabbit
2 Brown Snake
3 Cyclops
3 Deer
2 Falcon
3 Female Orc
1 Fluffy Rabbit
Quantity Item
2 Fox
1 Green Snake
2 Hawk
5 Hill Giant
3 Male Orc
1 Mountain Chimeran
5 Polar Bear
3 Puma
1 Racoon
1 Rat
1 Red Snake
1 Skunk
1 Tank Rabbit
2 Wolf
5 Yeti

Places to sell this item:
Price NPC Shop Type Location
1 gold Wert Tavern Southern Redmoon Island (Nargash)
1 gold Vulca Tavern Emerald Valley Trade Route (Emerald Trade Town)
1 gold Spade Tavern Glacmor (City of Dra Se'lac)
1 gold Kerlyn Tavern Iscalrith (Fort Telmont)
1 gold Jacinta Tavern Irsis (Irsis City)
1 gold Gynmor Tavern Bethel (Bethel - Southern Tent Village)
1 gold Cindy Tavern Trassian (Dra SYn)
1 gold Cagdas Tavern Aeth Aelfan (Aeth Sylvath)
1 gold Bick Tavern Isle of the Forgotten (Immemor Island)
1 gold Alysia Tavern Irinveron (The village of Candolis)
1 gold Roua Tavern Desert Pines (Corren)
1 gold Rotisor Tavern Sedicolis (Sedicolis City)
1 gold Termopan Tavern Idaloran (Idaloran City)
1 gold Thom Tavern Palon Vertas (Treesoar Village)
1 gold Valeria Tavern Valley of the Dwarves (Mynadar)
1 gold Rodica Tavern Morcraven Marsh (Fort Hallgan)
1 gold Oana Tavern Nordcarn
1 gold Maria Tavern White Stone (White Stone City)
1 gold Ghita Tavern Tarsengaard
1 gold Elena Tavern White Stone (White Stone City)
1 gold Diana Tavern White Stone (Lakeside Village)
1 gold Corina Tavern White Stone (Grahm's Village)
1 gold Laura Tavern Portland
1 gold Reca Tavern Isla Prima (Orasul Curvelor Town)
1 gold Gallyanne Tavern Hurquin
1 gold Rocky Tavern North Redmoon Island
1 gold Gingirel Tavern Zirankinbar (Zirakinbar's settlement)

Places to buy this item:
Bought from other players only.

Creatures known to drop this item:
Beaver (1)
Black Bear (3)
Black Panther (3)
Boar (3)
Brown Rabbit (1)
Chinstrap Penguin (3)
Deer (2)
Feran (3)
Gentoo Penguin (3)
Grizzly Bear (3)
King Penguin (3)
Leopard (3)
Lion (4)
Panda Bear (5)
Polar Bear (3)
Racoon (1)
Rat (1)
Skunk (1)
Snow Leopard (4)
Tiger (3)
White Rabbit (1)
White Tiger (3)

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