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Class: Mineral
Weight: 10 emu
Stackable: Yes
Storeable: Yes
Drop on Death: Yes
50% chance to drop upon death unless carrying a rostogal stone
Skill Nexus Type Qty
Harvest Inorganic 2

To make:
Can not be made
made per set of ingredients
Pre-requisites to make:
Book of Gypsum Harvesting

Used to make:
Skill Quantity Item
Engineering 2 Accuracy predictor
Engineering 2 Attack predictor
Engineering 3 Defense predictor
Engineering 3 Degrade predictor
Engineering 2 Failure predictor
Engineering 2 Harvest predictor
Engineering 1 Invasionmeter
Engineering 2 Magic predictor
Engineering 3 Make Rare predictor
Engineering 2 To Damage predictor
Engineering 2 To Hit predictor
Manufacturing 12 Medallion Mold
Manufacturing 15 Mortar & Pestle
Manufacturing 10 Ring Mold
Potion 2 Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract
Potion 2 Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract
Skill Quantity Item
Potion 2 Red Currents - Blue Berries - Rue Extract
Potion 2 Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract
Potion 2 Wheat - Valerian - Mugwort Extract
Potion 2 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract
Potion 2 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract
Summon 20 Arctic Chim Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Armed Orc Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Bear Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Fluffy Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Giant Spider Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Giant Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Sslessar Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Tiger Summoning Stone
Summon 20 Yeti Summoning Stone

Needed as a tool for:
Not used as a tool for anything.

This item CAN be harvested.
2 seconds base time between harvests
Tools required to harvest:

Locations of Harvestables:
Locations are determined by the image of the harvestable being used on the map. It does not mean that the item is truly harvestable.
Morcraven Marsh Insides
Aeth Aelfan Wyrmgoth Underground

Spells that require this ingredient:
No spells use this item as an ingredient.
Creatures that are summoned with this ingredient:
Not an ingredient used in summoning.

Places to sell this item:
Sold to other players only.

Places to buy this item:
Bought from other players only.

Creatures known to drop this item:
No creatures known to drop this item.

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