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Tarsengaard Mage School

Tarsengaard Mage School Surface Map
Mage School
Mage School
PK (Player Kill) Multi Attack Map
Rostogols Work: Yes Item drop on death: Yes
Storage: No Temperature:
Downloadable TAB maps*:
Author Name Type of Map File Size Date Added
Blank Blank 768 KB 2006-11-12
Bloodsucker Standard 257 KB 2007-12-08
Bloodsucker Hi-Res 1 MB 2009-01-05
Olivine Hi-Res (preview) 6 MB 2013-06-16
Known parent map:
Known sub map:
Mage School Spider Cave
Mage School Garden
Known NPCs on map:
Lustra - Asst. Headmaster
Itilli - Book Seller
Gniles - Combat Instructor
Hyutan - Cook
Mario - Dormitory Moderator
Jerun - Grandmaster of Air, Headmaster of Tarsengaard Magic School
Aurora - Healer
Silvars - Librarian
Donegal - Potions Professor
Murtvhar - Prisoner
Piotr - Sewer Maintenance
Arbella - Student
Baidor - Student
Jemen - Student
Raum - Student
Wimmip - Student Researcher
Rosalyn - Student Scribe
Known Creatures on map:

*These maps are used by permission from the authors noted above. If you see them in game, please give them your thanks!!

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