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Newbie Advice

Tips on how to survive your first days in Eternal Lands

As a relatively new character in EL, I'd like to share some of my experiences with the game. These tips may be helpful to other new users-- and then they may not.
- by Booble

Tip #1: Talk To The Tutorial NPC!
  The most important thing is to talk to the Tutorial NPC first. He'll teach you the basics of the game and reward you once you've completed a few simple tasks.

Tip #2: Join The Newbie Channel
  • n00b is NOT a four letter word. It has numbers in it! Anyway, make sure you join the Newbie channel (#jc 1). Ask questions. There's always someone there who is willing to help. There are a few rules in the channel, however...
• First, don't beg for equipment. It's your job to earn the gold coins needed to buy your equipment. That's the fun of the game!
• Second, don't ask for coordinates for things. You can ask more vague questions like, "where can I find red roses?" But nobody's going to tell you exactly where to find them.
• Third, the Newbie channel is not for general chatting. Only ask questions, don't chit chat with other characters. If you want to chat, join channel 4 (#jc 4).
• Finally, share your knowledge. If a n00b asks a question and you know the answer, help them. Spread the love.

Tip #3: Get Familiar With Isla Prima
  Roam around and become familiar with your surroundings. Isla Prima (the start map) presents many opportunities for improving your character. All the essentials are there for getting your character in shape to go out into the world (Seridia).

Tip #4: Be Patient
  At first, you'll find things will progress kind of slowly. You won't be able to fight many things (rabbits - quick little buggers). Much of your time may be spent harvesting so you can level up and accumulate pickpoints to improve the stats of your character. Don't get discouraged! After a while, you'll be able to fight higher level creatures (relatively speaking) such as rats, beavers and deer.

Tip #5: Harvest Every Game Hour
  For the time being, harvesting is a quick way to level up. Harvesting is a great way to level up and gain pickpoints early on. For new characters, flowers and veggies are where it's at. Flowers are especially handy because you can sell them at the Flower shops for gold coins. Lilacs will get you the most gold coins (.5gc per flower), so try to find them close to a shop. Once you've got some cash, buy some equipment.

Tip #6: Research, Research, Research
  Use some of that hard-harvested cash to do research. Buy books from the booksellers and gain knowledge into things like Combat Tactics, Crystal Mining and the like. Initially, research will seem fruitless, because the first book of each "knowledge track" is a foundation for learning useful skills from subsequent books in that track. For instance, Combat Tactics is required before you can research Goblin Fighting.

Tip #7: Trade With Others
  Make sure you join channel 3 - the Market Channel. There, you can sell the items you've collected while you've fought various critters. Beaver fur can't be sold at a shop. But another character might be interested in buying your furs so they can manufacture things. The trick, of course, is figuring out how much something is worth.

Tip #8: Dying
  Face it, you will die at some point. When you die, a portion of the items you are carrying will be dropped on the spot you died. This is what we lovingly call your "death bag" or "db". When you're a n00b, many characters will be kind enough to return your items to you if you aren't able to reach your death bag before someone else does. Take stock of what's missing from your inventory. You'll need to let the person who finds your death bag know what you're missing so s/he can confirm it's really yours. That is, if you don't get to your death bag quickly enough.
At any rate, if you're uncertain if you can beat a creature, it's probably a good idea to put all your equipment in storage. Fight the creature bare handed (you get more experience that way anyway). Once you're able to beat a creature without dying, you can confidently keep your equipment on you.

Tip #9: Storage
  It's important to know where the storage NPC is on every map. That way, you can quickly drop off items that are weighing you down or store your equipment temporarily when you're about to get in a fight. Take the time to visit storage frequently. You'll be doing yourself a big favor.

Tip #10: Finding Your Way Out of Hell
  The Underworld is the single most aggravating map in the game. The best tip I can give you is when you die, head North. You'll know when you get to the exit. It's at the top of stairs and glows red.

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