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Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Job: Potion Seller
Land Map: Aeth Aelfan
Locale: Sylvath Forest
Structure: The Elven Pharmacy
Coords: (21,27)
Item Sell to Price Buy From Price
Arctic Chim Summoning Stone N/A 16,000 Gold Coins
Armed Orc Summoning Stone N/A 1,500 Gold Coins
Fluffy Summoning Stone N/A 4,000 Gold Coins
Giant Summoning Stone N/A 24,000 Gold Coins
Invisibility Potion 105 Gold Coins 210 Gold Coins
Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone N/A 2,500 Gold Coins
Poison Antidote 45 Gold Coins 90 Gold Coins
Potion of Accuracy 50 Gold Coins 100 Gold Coins
Potion of Evasion 50 Gold Coins 100 Gold Coins
Sslessar Summoning Stone N/A 7,000 Gold Coins
True Sight Potion 60 Gold Coins 120 Gold Coins
Yeti Summoning Stone N/A 13,000 Gold Coins

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