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Race: Human
Sex: Female
Job: Magic Blacksmith
Land Map: Port Anitora
Locale: West Isle
Coords: (84,207)
Item Sell to Price Buy From Price
Animal Removal N/A 1,000,000 Gold Coins
Artificial Removal Stone N/A 1,000,000 Gold Coins
Axe of Freezing N/A 130,000 Gold Coins
Bear Summoning Stone 125 Gold Coins 250 Gold Coins
Boat Ticket N/A 50 Gold Coins
Bone of Death N/A 180,000 Gold Coins
Branch of Destruction N/A 230,000 Gold Coins
Crown of Life 50,000 Gold Coins 100,000 Gold Coins
Crown of Mana 45,000 Gold Coins 90,000 Gold Coins
Giant Spider Summoning Stone 275 Gold Coins 550 Gold Coins
Potion of Archery AP N/A 15,000 Gold Coins
Skeleton Key N/A 150 Gold Coins
Skull Key N/A 150 Gold Coins
Staff of Protection N/A 120,000 Gold Coins
Staff of the Mage N/A 80,000 Gold Coins
Tiger Summoning Stone 295 Gold Coins 590 Gold Coins
Vegetal Removal Stone N/A 1,000,000 Gold Coins

Artwork by ks_copy and used with permission

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