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PK Server

Combat, Manufacture and Diplomacy

Created with the objective of providing PKers with a specific server where they could engage in combat more often, the PK server develops around multiplaying in dangerous maps with few safe zones and no cool down when using items.

Being able to have multiple characters and trade freely between them makes the game faster than normal, the leveling speed of characters depends not only of the knowledge one has about the game but also the capability to use multiple characters at the same time and specializing each of them.

The absence of bots on the PK server opens doors to a new level of diplomacy. The trade of items can only be made directly between players or with the help of the five NPC Merchants located in White Stone City and Idaloran markets.

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Note: The time and #day info on this web page is based on the PK server time and #day info. It is updated once an hour.

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