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Courteous Player Rules

Unoffical Rules recognized by most players

These rules are unofficial and do not replace or supercede the offical game rules
Game Rules: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14582
Channel Rules: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28127

Bag Jump   Just because someone misclicks and walks off the bag they are working on, just because players bag trading aren't quicker than you, doesn't give you the right to take their bag.

Bag Watch   Did someone near you die? Found a bag with someone's stuff in it?
General consensus is to wait 10 minutes for them to return and have them PM you the contents to verify the owner. If you know the owner, PM him and arrange a place to meet and return the contents. Not sure who's it is? Go to #jc 1 and #jc 2 and announce that you've found a death bag.

Begging   Don't beg. Period.
Instead, learn how to play the game and how to earn the equipment that you need. Players are more prone to help those that help themselves.

Spawn Ownership I   Officially, no one owns a spawn. However, if someone is already training at a spawn, it's best to go and find another. Alternatives include working out a system where you take turns. Or even have the person already training PM you when they are done.

Spawn Ownership II   If you die, you lose claim of the spawn. You might get lucky and get back to it before somebody else find's that it is empty. But in no way do you go back and tell somebody who DID find it open that "I was here, I died, get lost, it's my spawn".

Spawn Ownership III   You do NOT have somebody else sitting there to restock you or have friends/guildies come by to restock you. Huge no-no. When you run out of supplies and need to go restock, again you lose claim. If you come back from storage and it's empty, lucky you. If somebody got there, oh well, it's theirs now.

Spawn Serping   Most players training at a spawn are doing so for the experience and to raise levels. Jumping in with a weapon and quick killing creatures just for the drops will quickly make you enemies.

Summon Killing   Always ask before killing the summoned creatures of another player. They may be using them to train or to hunt.

Women   Women are not in this game because they are "hard up" or "desperate." This means that just because you see one walking around, it doesn't give you the right to propose or elicit anything more than friendship.

Broken Rules   Have you seen someone breaking these rules? There's nothing official about them, but Eternal Lands does provide a forum section about Disputes that allows you to report those who regularly break rules and make the game un-fun for everyone.

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