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Guild Rules

The Code of Honour
1. Thou shalt be honest, truthful and respectful.
2. Thou shalt endeavour to help thy fellows guildies whenever possible.
3. Thou shalt endeavour to participate in guild events.
4. Thou shalt participate in the guild discussions, and make thine presence known.
5. Thou shalt rush to thy fellows aid, to recover their belongings when stricken down in vicious combat.
6. Thou shalt not spam, neither by word nor summons.
7. Thou shalt respect the hierarchy of the guild.
8. Thou shalt respect thine elders.
9. Thou shall be mindful of thy actions and conversations: publically, on guild channel and on official channels.
10. Thou choices of perks are thy own. Be mindful that they do not burden thy fellow CELmates.
Code of honour on the field of battle
1. Thou shalt not attack members of allied guilds, lest ye obtained mutual consent to train.
2. Return all items won during training sessions.
3. Don't disturb others training, unless they be on our PK list.
4. Don't attack innocent noobs, unless they are assholes.
5. Don't get involved in a guild war that could put all of CEL into that war.
6. Don't provoke unnecessary violence.
In Summation
1. Thou shalt not be rude or violent or otherwise soil our outstanding reputation.
2. Thou shalt not cheat, scam or engage in any matter of falsehood.
3. Thou shalt ne'er, under any bidding nor by aid of any contraption, pursue self-induced sexual gratification in the proximity of Lava.
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