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Cohors Exercitus Legionis
The Elite Cohort of the Legion

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    CEL is one of the oldest guilds that can still be found wandering the Eternal Lands. The core members have stood the test of time while other guilds have risen from the ashes only to return shortly thereafter. "Pax-Aeterna" is a dream we have reached with the eclectic but mature guildies we consider family. We welcome those with like minds, and hearts into our family.

    Founded by friends who believed that life should be enjoyed with a smile upon our face and a laugh within our hearts. The guild remains true to that belief and to itself. Our family is constantly changing and growing, new members come and old members leave. No one who has been part of our family escapes unchanged. The sense of rightness and knowing that you are part of something bigger than any individual, and yet small enough that no single member is ever forgotten, is the core of what CEL is.

    We find the challenge of our own enlightenment enough to drive us forward. And yet we never hesitate to slow down in the aid of our brethren. Our lighthearted view of both ourselves and the world around us, keeps us strong, happy, and able to help others.

    We represent all of the skills. Old and well-balanced CEL is the home we have all been looking for. We support each other, and our fellow travelers in these lands. We are scholars and defenders, creators and mystics, friends and family. We are Cohors Exercitus Legionis.

    by Shea & Ghrae

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