Basic Info
Description: Used for mining various ores. (Damage 5-15, -5 defense, -5 accuracy, - 5 critical hit, +1 critical)
Class: Tools
Weight: 5 emu
Stackable: No
Storeable: Yes
Item ID: 113
No nexus related to this item
Not makeable
Components in...
Not a component of any items.
Needed as a tool for...
Skill Item
Harvesting Blue Quartz
Harvesting Coal
Harvesting Copper Ore
Harvesting Diamond
Harvesting Dvarium Ore
Harvesting Emerald
Harvesting Gold Ore
Harvesting Gypsum
Harvesting Hydrogenium Ore
Harvesting Iron Ore
Skill Item
Harvesting Quartz
Harvesting Rose Quartz
Harvesting Ruby
Harvesting Sapphire
Harvesting Seridium Ore
Harvesting Silver Ore
Harvesting Tin Ore
Harvesting Titanium Ore
Harvesting Turquoise
Harvesting Wolframite